Transcity Legacy Way Tunnel

Scope of Work: Provide fire protection for the concrete and steel structures to the cut and cover entrances, with a Promatect H 27.5mm linings systems beings designed and built to a modified hydrocarbon fire specification. 

Overview: This process involved a full prototype being designed, tested and approved. Day and night shifts including manual handling of 90kgs weighted panels were required to achieve the scope of works. These works included more than 50,000 SS spike anchors in a 65mpa concrete. The 8m high ceilings resulted in the works being carried out via boom and scissor lift access only. Operating under the strictest safety plans together with continual construction traffic meant limited access throughout the project. The A1 Passive Firm is incredibly proud of the process and end result.

This project was challenging for everyone involved. The conditions inside the Tunnel were new to most of our crew, but they handled it with ease and delivered outstanding results day in and day out. The Legacy Way Tunnel was an exciting project to be a part of and really showcased our potential
— Brice Gifkins, Project Manager Legacy Way Tunnel