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We are a professional subcontractor with proven success in working with commercial builders to deliver projects across various industries that include government, finance, education, retail, and health. Strong construction and project management skills underpin our reputation for seamless delivery and a lasting positive impression. Our high technical expertise together with strong awareness of client business needs, a focus on client communication, and adaptable project management skills reinforces the efficient service delivery that ensures successful completion of every project to the highest standard.


A1 Interiors has always been synonymous with the highest quality residential plastering services throughout South East Queensland. Our multiple award winning Residential Division works closely with many of the region’s most acclaimed builders, architects and project management companies, and we have a reputation for consistently surpassing client expectations.

Our project managers understand each project is unique and requires special attention to ensure the end result is innovative, refreshing and enjoyable.

Facility Management

The Facility Management division of A1 was established to provide businesses a better
way to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their ongoing building maintenance and construction needs. 

Our dedicated project management team boasts a wealth of industry experience, and understands the remediation and construction applications and techniques necessary to urgently meet the needs of various industries from shopping centres to apartment buildings and hospitals. 

This includes precise scheduling and the overseeing all areas of repairs and installs to ensure operations continue with absolutely minimal disruption to trade.

Passive Fire

A1 Passive Fire leads the industry when it comes to robust, comprehensive and cost-effective passive fire protection. 

We possess the systems to guarantee a fast, responsive and reliable service. Our deep technical understanding of fire rating requirements and regulations enables us to deliver superior quality work that meets regulatory approval first time.

We are also supplier agnostic, meaning our clients enjoy custom solutions and cost-benefits that they couldn’t achieve elsewhere using one-manufacture-only solutions.  

It’s why we’re often first choice for the implementation, inspection and certification of passive fire systems of large commercial, industrial and residential projects.


Recent Projects